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HAPPA St Patrick’s Day


March 17, 2022



As it is the 17th March, we thought we would share the story of HAPPA Patrick (don’t worry, it has a happy ending…)

A young foal had been seen to be struggling in deep mud by a dog walker, who immediately alerted HAPPA.

Our inspector came out to investigate, he struggled to find the foal in the muddy field but would not give up searching. Eventually he came across a sorry state. It turned out that the poor thing had been rejected by his mother at birth and left to fend for himself in the freezing cold quagmire.

A vet was soon on the scene and quickly recognised that the young foal was hypothermic (suffering from a dangerously low body temperature).

With the help of the vet we bundled him in the back of our Land rover and rushed to get him back to the Centre, but the chances of him surviving through the night were slim and decreasing all of the time.

When we got him back to the centre, the first course of action was to get the young foal warm. We gently placed him under the heat lights of our solarium, on a warm bed.

All the team and vet could do now is wait and pray.

Incredibly and despite all the odds, he made it through the night! But now the hard work really began.

With the absence of the mare, the team had to look after him around the clock with bottle feeding, although it has to be said, he took to it rather well, and loved feeding time!

After lots of love, patience, hard work and attention, he made a full recovery!

We named him Patrick, and HAPPA Patrick was now ready to become a foster horse.

Our foster scheme is:

“for extraordinary people, with equine experience, that are able to offer temporary homes in which HAPPA youngsters can grow, develop and mature into strong, well-mannered adolescents. We encourage and support our Foster Careers to ensure that each equine is fit and ready to undergo the backing process when they return to the Centre, in the year that they reach four years old.”

When Patrick was four years old he came back to the Centre, having been hand reared, he is always a handful and if you look up ‘cheeky’ in the dictionary you may just see a picture of Patrick.

HAPPA Patrick is now at his forever home with Jade, loving his best life and as Jade says:

“He’s such a cheeky character and the family love him! he’s a fluffy teddy bear at the moment”

How You Can Help HAPPA

Without your generosity, rescues and rehabilitations like Patrick’s just wouldn’t be possible, so every donation really does help, from visiting us here at the farm, eating at the cafe, or sponsoring one of our fabulous horses.

If you would like to contact us for any further information then please do not hesitate to contact us.