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HAPPA`S NO NONSENSE GUIDE TO Equine Safety during the winter celebrations


October 31, 2017



The staff here at HAPPA have tons of experience working with lots and lots of horses and ponies.  They love to share their knowledge and know-how with the public to help make sure all equines have the best possible chance of a really happy life by reducing the possibility of horses and ponies needing help in the future.
This is why we continue to make the HAPPA NO NONSENSE FACTS downloadable.  (They are all free for you to download, enjoy, read and retain for reference).
During the winter months there are lots of seasonal celebrations which can include the use of fireworks, different smells and loud noises that might create a disruption to an equine`s routine.  Here we have ten top tips to download to ensure your horse or pony can have as nice and relaxed November and winter celebration season as possible.