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Help HAPPA on Help a Horse Day


April 4, 2021



HAPPA (Horses and Ponies Protection Association) are looking forward to a whole week of celebrations for Help a Horse Day 2021. The international event day, held on the 26th April every year, is aimed at raising awareness of the plight of equines everywhere.
The Charity’s focus this year will remain on their vital work, rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming horses, ponies and donkeys that have suffered from cruelty and neglect. There will be a strong focus on educational content to raise awareness surrounding equine welfare.
This year with so much to share with the general public, HAPPA will be hosting a whole week of digital content for supporters, friends and followers from Monday 26th April.
April Manning, HAPPA’s Digital Communications Manager, explains further, “Help a Horse Day is extremely important to HAPPA, without us raising awareness through events such as these we wouldn’t be able to continue. This year our focus is to teach people about the Charity and hopefully raise some much needed funds to provide care for the horses and ponies at our Centre, and to continue our investigations into cruelty and neglect. The last twelve months have seen a dramatic increase in people taking to social media and the internet for entertainment and education. Hosting our Help a Horse content across our digital channels, for the whole week, we hope will broaden our reach and cover exciting topics in relation HAPPA and Equine Welfare.
The aim this year is to raise money for an important piece of equipment a Tow and Collect ATV attachment that will assist in controlling worm burdens, a health condition that the majority of equines rescued by HAPPA suffer from. Worm infestations in neglected equines are identified when we conduct our veterinary assessments. Worm burdens in horses are a real issue, equines that suffer from this ailment can suffer inflammation in the mouth and throat, as well as ulceration of the stomach. Heavy burdens of this parasite can cause colic or even perforation of the stomach. Alongside our regular worming programme this equipment will mean our horses and ponies can continue to enjoy healthy and safe grazing”.
Throughout the week HAPPA will be taking you on a journey going LIVE on their Facebook page. Live videos will consist of Q&As with the Equine Inspectors, Equine Rehabilitation and Rehoming Manager and Head of Equine Operations. The Charity will also be sharing how to donate and how you could help HAPPA to help equines.
A full programme can be seen on HAPPA’s Facebook Channel @HorsesAndPoniesProtectionAssociation or email [email protected],uk