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Help to keep the Stable Doors open at Shores Hey Farm!


March 14, 2019



Horses and Ponies Protection Association has seen an influx of rescue cases over the winter months and are appealing to members of the public for donations to help with the associated rise in care costs at Shores Hey Farm in Burnley Lancashire.

Vet Bills Have Doubled

This winter has been especially tough and with more horses coming through the doors, it automatically places a strain on HAPPA’s resources, and as a result we have seen a big rise in associated costs. Our vet bills have more than doubled as we continue on our mission to ensure that we are there for horses, ponies and donkeys that need us the most.

It is crucial that members of the public pledge their support for our valuable work to continue. Every penny counts and we are appealing for supporters to consider donating funds to enable the charity to continue to keep the stable doors open for horses that need help.

Pledge your support to the vital work that we do

At HAPPA the Horse always comes first and we pride ourselves on achieving the best outcome for each individual equine.

Another HAPPA Rescue HAPPA Betsy

Supporting equines on a rehabilitation pathway can be both expensive and rewarding, it is very fulfilling to see a horse that has almost given up on itself, be transformed into a magnificent being. Horses are our history and we owe it to them to ensure that they are able to live a life without pain and suffering. If you are passionate about horses and want to help secure a future for one of our rescue horses then please pledge your support by becoming a Member or by giving us a donation large or small every penny counts.

Your monies will go directly towards the care costs involved in giving rescued horses in need the best possible rehabilitation and Second Chance of finding love and happiness in a Forever Home.

Every £1 will help.