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December 5, 2017



Mike Quinn renowned animal artist has produced the pastel image being offered for sale featuring four beautiful HAPPA horses.
Using a photograph taken by former Chief Officer, Kay Brandist showing the majestic heads of HAPPA Maurice, Galaxy, Marco, Edwin, Mike says ‘I have tried to capture the personality of each animal as well as producing an accurate representation of the original image.
I have made a donation of this piece of art to help the charity raise funds to support their equine welfare activities and I hope that you will consider my work worthy of a bid in the online eBay auction being used to list the picture. The framed pastel is a signed original and not a print and I hope that with your help, we are able to achieve a worthwhile boost to HAPPA’s funds’.
Please support this worthwhile cause by following this link, which will take you direct to the eBay listing and making your bid TODAY

The auction ends on 14th Dec, 2017 16:00:53
Help make this guarantee HAPPA a Happy Christmas!

About me – Mike Quinn the Artist
Although I’ve been drawing all my life, I’ve only taken up painting as more than a hobby over the last five years. I come from a family of artists on my father’s side and both he and my uncle, Tom Quinn, studied at Camberwell School of Art in South London.
I started by using watercolour, like many people new to painting and enjoyed monochrome subjects resembling the old sepia photos of the forties and fifties before moving on to acrylic and oils, still trying to develop a style I could call my own. I then became interested in pastels and enjoyed the intensity of colour they could give. I now enjoy painting pet and animal portraits in pastel and feel that I have finally found my calling!
You can view my recent work on my Facebook page (Mike Quinn Artist) or for information regarding pet portraits please e mail [email protected]