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Rescue, Rehabilitation, Rehoming


August 4, 2018



New Arrivals
We welcomed four new arrivals to Shores Hey Farm recently;
Thoroughbred Bred Mare, 4 years old.
Lily was signed into our care through our Cross Agency Agreement with ROR (Retraining of Racehorses). ROR helps support those former racehorses that have reached the end of their ridden life or are unsuitable for riding, or those that require more time and specialist expertise before rehoming. HAPPA are proud to announce the working relationship with the ROR, providing a Second Chance to vulnerable former racehorses.
Look out for Lily joining the main herd soon.
12.2hh Native Type, 3 years old.
Solo escaped onto a railway line with a herd of equines. Solo was a very lucky girl, several were hit by a train and killed, she survived with only minor injuries.  She has recently joined HAPPA through a Cross Agency Agreement.
HAPPA Zebedee
13hh Cob Type, 3 years old.
Zebedee is another lucky survivor who jumped onto the highway out of the back of moving trailer, landing on a car.
He had nerve damage to his off fore leg as a result, fracture to his spine near his shoulder blade and various wounds, as well as knocking out his front teeth as well.
His owners continued to drive off without him and have never been traced. He has recently come to the Centre to continue his rehabilitation journey through a Cross Agency Agreement.
HAPPA Michael
36inches Shetland, 15 years old.
Michael came to HAPPA following a rescue and a Cross Agency Agreement. Michael had a matted coat which resembled a fleece and looked in poor condition.
Now on his final stages of his rehabilitation journey, it won’t be long before Michael finds his Forever Home when he looks this cute!
With 55 horses, ponies and donkeys at Shores Hey Farm we are always looking for perfect matches for Forever Homes so that we have room for New Arrivals. If you have a place in your heart and home then please complete an application online at