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Retired Racehorses Find Forever Homes


April 28, 2021



Horses and Ponies Protection Association (HAPPA) are delighted to work in collaboration with Retraining of Racehorses (RoR) to offer a lifetime of love and happiness to former racehorses.
HAPPA is a RoR accredited rehoming centre, offering a safe place for thoroughbreds to complete retraining with a view to finding a suitable long-term home. These are vulnerable horses that have typically changed ownership several times since retiring from racing. The charity is delighted to be able to help horses that have raced or have been in training for the discipline.
Amanda Berry (HAPPA Head of Equine Operations) explains “It is an honour to offer these amazing animals a Second Chance in Forever Homes. Two such thoroughbreds we have been able to help recently are HAPPA Bow and HAPPA Lilly, both have now been rehomed to a knowledgeable loan home as companions.
The pair came into HAPPA’s care through RoR’s Vulnerable Horse Scheme and have flourished thanks to the care of the Equine Care Officer’s. Due to old injuries and conformational issues both were not suitable as riding horses, but still had so much love to give to the right home, we were thrilled to find them a match together. It is heart-warming to know, through their success story, that there is hope for former racehorses to find non-ridden homes. Every horse, thoroughbred or shetland deserves to be placed in a private home, all too often the main focus is being able to ride a horse or pony, if un-rideable they are deemed useless, this is so wrong, there is so much joy that can be shared by simply caring for an animal that offers companionship.”
Philippa Gilmore (Head of Welfare Operations RoR) says “Whilst finding companion homes for thoroughbreds can be challenging, we are delighted that Bow and Lilly, through the great work of the team at HAPPA, have secured their forever home together and will have the opportunity to enjoy a second career as valued companions.”
Bow came into the care of HAPPA as part of a large rescue and Lilly was signed over to the charity through the scheme with the consent of the owner, twenty horses have been helped through the scheme by HAPPA and the hope is to help many more.
HAPPA believes there is a purpose for all thoroughbreds after racing, whether a ridden career or in a home as a companion, they deserve love, compassion and a Second Chance. Working alongside RoR we will continue to find suitable homes for these beautiful creatures.