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Special Recognition for those who provide a Second Chance Forever Home


April 23, 2021



HAPPA are pleased to announce the winner of the Mona Huskie Memorial Trophy 2020. A huge congratulations to Louise Davenport who offered both HAPPA Chip and HAPPA Alfie Moon their Forever Homes.
The trophy, sponsored by the late HAPPA Chairman Ken Cranage, is awarded to a member of the Second Chance Rehoming Scheme in memory of the Charity’s founder Miss Mona Huskie.
This can be awarded to any member of the public who has offered a long-term loan home, or foster home, to one of the many rescued equines that the Charity rehabilitates every year. In order to recognise the devotion given to HAPPA equines in their Forever Homes, Mr Cranage established this special award.
HAPPA Head of Equine Operations, Amanda Berry, explains “HAPPA have over 300 horses, ponies and donkeys out in private homes all over the country. These equines are inspected twice yearly by a HAPPA Loan Scheme Support Officer or a Voluntary Inspector. The Award has been put together to recognise the achievements of those who take a HAPPA equine to be part of their home life. Both the HAPPA Team and HAPPA Voluntary Inspectors have the chance to vote for that special person who has made room in their home, and heart for a rescued equine. Last year’s winner, Louise, has waited through the Lockdown to receive her trophy and we are so glad to see her pictured her with the beloved HAPPA Alfie Moon.”
Louise says of winning the Award “When I was first met Alfie Moon I could see how important he was to all the staff at HAPPA, how well they knew him and how much time and effort they had put into his recovery. Never, did I imagine what an amazing horse he would turn out to be…..
When I first re homed Alfie Moon I was concerned about how he would adapt to his new home and what impact I would have on his skin! I was given so much support and advice from the HAPPA team that I have been able to manage his skin condition well.
Alfie loves his life here with HAPPA Chip. He loves nothing more than a day out to Rivington or the beach in our trailer. I have been so fortunate to re home two amazing horses from HAPPA.
Winning re homer of the year is an honour and a privilege. I was so surprised to have been nominated for the award and I never imagined I would win. I am so grateful to all the HAPPA staff for the love, care, dedication and commitment they gave to Alfie Moon on his journey to recovery and re homing. Without the HAPPA staffs hard work and dedication to Alfie Moon I would not be able to receive this award and Alfie would not be the well-mannered, gentle, happy horse he is today. I am so thankful to HAPPA for giving me the opportunity to give Alfie Moon his forever home.”