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The HAPPA Arabs News Update


December 17, 2021



Recently we introduced you to the Arab horses we had to come to the aid of here at HAPPA. We thought it was time to give you an update on how they are all getting on.

If you have visited HAPPA recently you will have seen they are now on our front stables and are loving all the attention they have been getting! 


HAPPA Oaken was unsettled when he first got here, and wasn’t too keen on the vet! The Equine team has been working with him to reassure and raise his confidence. 

When Oaken was first put on the yard, he was quite nervous as there was so much going on, but now he has come on in leaps and bounds. So much so, that HAPPA Oaken has had his first time in the field and his first time with another horse.


HAPPA Olaf had a health check, feet trim and some dental work because he was struggling with eating. Like his friend Oaken, HAPPA Olaf was a little unsettled when he moved into the main yard. But he has gradually relaxed thanks to some sterling work from Paige, and has even been spending some quality time with HAPPA Timothy.

In fact, our Timothy has become best friends with all of the Arabs, so much so that Timmy and The Arabs have become a bit of a supergroup here at Shores Hey Farm.

HAPPA Agnaar

HAPPA Agnaar has settled in so well and is enjoying going out in the field (with Timothy of course) and being pampered by the Equine Team. His new favourite thing to do is have a bath!


HAPPA Yelena 

HAPPA Yelena had received very little handling on arrival and took quite a while to settle in. Yelena is now improving with her feet and is also wearing a rug. She is growing in confidence each day and enjoying doing a bit of ground work.

HAPPA Iduna 

Iduna was was taking slightly longer than the others to settle into her new environment. She was easily stressed and didn’t like it when one of her next door neighbours left without her!

She is now improving daily and is progressing well with her feet and has been doing some work in the arena with Mark and ECO Bronte, building on her confidence and self-awareness.


On arrival Esla was very nervous and took a bit of time to settle down. She had previously suffered from laminitis and a nasty abscess, but after x-rays and remedial trimming, her feet are in much better condition already! 

Elsa loves playing out with her new friends and food! She also enjoys having a bath and a pamper. she is also very busy preparing for a starring role on Frozen Friday this Christmas Eve!


You can visit the Arabs, and the rest of the HAPPA horses and ponies during the Christmas holidays, you can find our December entry page here.

You can also purchase Christmas gifts for our beautiful horses, we have a Christmas Wishlist found here, where you can choose from a selection of products to help the HAPPA horses have a Happy Christmas.