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Tragic Loss of HAPPA Conker


May 12, 2020



It is with a sad and heavy heart that the Charity announces the tragic circumstances resulting in the passing of the beautiful HAPPA Conker.
We feel it is appropriate to share our sad news with all who had grown to love him. Last week Conker suffered a fatal accident, sustaining a complete fracture to his left-fore, whilst joining some of his equine friends for his first day of turnout into a field. He was introduced to a safe post and rail paddock with his buddies from his ‘Crew Barn Group.’ The group had been turned loose together during the winter months and had bonded, enjoying some quality time socialising and interacting with each other.
Whilst Conker was cantering around the field the fatal fracture occurred. Turnout time can be quite stressful, however, on this day nothing untoward happened. The group were already friends with each other and just wanted nothing more than a run around. After the fracture occurred the Equine Team were extremely quick to react and the Veterinary Surgeon arrived without delay. Whilst Conker was comforted by Equine Care Supervisor Celia Royds, his personal groom, he was assessed by the Vet who quickly sedated him and quickly ended his severe pain.
As you can imagine we are all devastated, to witness such a tragic event with a horse that the Equine Team have invested time, patience, love and dedication into and knowing the  suffering he endured before his Rescue, makes this such a difficult circumstance.
Conker was part of a prosecution case, one of the worst cases of cruelty and neglect, where 31 emaciated horses were found living in squalid unimaginable horrific conditions. Conker came to Shores Hey Farm in September 2019 alongside HAPPA Pennywise and Candy.
Conker was rising 7 years old this year, he was a beautiful 14hh Liver Chestnut Gelding with all of his life in front of him. He was scared and aggressive on arrival at Shores Hey Farm, he had had little human contact and took some winning round. He had been locked in a stable knee deep in excrement, his feet had never been touched and he was emaciated and undernourished.
The obvious damage of years of neglect caught up with him way too soon, his bone structure must have been damaged from a previous lack of nutrition and Vitamin D. He was running free for the first time and his limbs weren’t strong enough to support him and sadly the consequences of his neglect called time.
It’s so hard to lose a horse after such a fight, no one could have foreseen what was about to happen. His Rehabilitation Journey had been a success and he had a safe, bright, future ahead of him. The injustice is heart-breaking and sadly for Conker it was not to be.
Run free my friend over the Rainbow Bridge.