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We Will Remember You HAPPA Wish


March 2, 2022



Recently we received a call from a concerned member of the public regarding a thin pony in a field. NW Equine Inspector Tracy Heaton attended and upon arrival was immediately concerned for the pony. She located and spoke to the landowners and was given full permission to enter the land and do whatever was necessary and see the pony.

The pony was emaciated, listless, unsteady on her legs. She was scouring and was generally extremely unwell. Tracy knew she had to act fast, she contact the Vet and other Equine Welfare Organisations for help.

The RSPCA arrived to assist and upon receiving a vet’s certification confirming that the little mare was suffering, the little chestnut mare was transported carefully to HAPPA, Shores Hey Farm where much needed veterinary care was given.

The Equine Care Team named her HAPPA Wish and knew she would have a long, hard, recovery ahead of her.

Despite every effort to save this poor darling pony she sadly didn’t make it, we wished dearly that she could be saved at three years old, she still had a long life ahead of her.

On this occasion, sadly, we couldn’t save the rescued mare, but we could ensure that she wasn’t in pain, that she was warm, surrounded by people who cared for her and wished there could have been a happier ending as she gently went to sleep.

We couldn’t save her, but we could name her; HAPPA Wish.

HAPPA Wish will live on in the hearts of the HAPPA Team forever.

(We are unable to disclose any further information about HAPPA Wish’s ongoing case).