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HAPPA Betsy & Dotty

In January 2019 we had a call that would change the lives of two mares forever. After receiving a welfare call about two horses in need of help our Equine Inspector set off to find them and investigate further under the guidance of the Animal Welfare Act . On arrival both mares were found to have overgrown feet, underweight and suffering from mud fever. In order to prevent further suffering both mares were signed over into HAPPA’s care.

On arrival at the Centre they had to complete a 21 day isolation period in our Isolation and Assessment Unit. This Unit was built for the Equine Care Team to be able to provide initial care and assessment, whilst helping prevent the spread of disease and infection to the rest of the HAPPA herd.

In this case HAPPA Betsy (Dark Bay) and HAPPA Dotty (Bright Bay) were seen by the Vet to assess the health of the equines and provide treatment and advice to the Team for their road to recovery. Dotty was found to have a grade three heart murmur and would eventually be able to be Rehomed as a Companion equine. It was hoped that Betsy could be brought into work once her weight and condition improved.

With some TLC and a good balanced diet they both started to lose the winter coat and thrive at the Centre. Dotty went up for Rehoming on our Veteran Scheme due to her age and heart murmur, not long in to her being available she was snapped up and is enjoying her time out at her home living the life of luxury. She has settled right in and will live out her days in a small herd.

Betsy was brought back into work and found a home as a hacking horse.

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HAPPA Betsy - BeforeHAPPA Betsy - After
HAPPA Dotty - BeforeHAPPA Dotty - After

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