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Equine Charity Launches Educational Courses for Beginners


July 5, 2021



HAPPA’s (Horses and Ponies Protection Association) Equine Care Team are inviting the next generation of equine enthusiasts, both children and adults, to the Charity’s Centre, to learn about the fundamentals of looking after a horse or pony.
The Beginners Guide to Horse and Pony Care, Part 1 is packed full of fantastic learning opportunities and is designed to cover all the basic knowledge needed to care for a horse or pony correctly. The Charity’s Equine Care Team and the HAPPA horses will deliver a fun and inspiring learning experience with a blend of classroom and hands on activities. An end of day assessment and certificate will solidify the learning experience.
After successfully completing Part 1 all participants will be able to move on to complete The Beginners Guide to Horse and Pony Care Part 2.
For those that have dreamed about owning their own horse, but have never had the opportunity to learn about the hard work and commitment involved, this is the course for you.
HAPPA’s Equine Learning Co-ordinator, Kelly Laird says ‘’The Equine Care Team and I are very excited about these courses and cannot wait to teach the next generation of horse owners. By providing this course we hope to reduce the number of reports of cruelty and neglect cases in the future, these reports can occur due to a lack of knowledge. The Beginner’s Guide to Horse and Pony Care will provide this knowledge and therefore provide a brighter future for all equines.”
Delivered at HAPPA’s Shores Hey Farm, Burnley, Lancashire, the cost for the course is £45 per person and includes lunch and refreshments.
Dates available for children’s learning are Thursday 29th July, Monday 2nd August, Tuesday 28th October, Thursday 30th   December 2021.
Dates available for adult learning are Tuesday 28th September, Tuesday 12th October, Tuesday 9th November 2021.
All courses run from 9am to 4pm and can be booked by contacting the Charity on 01282 455992 or visiting Horse and Pony Care Courses (