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HAPPA Ben’s  Borrower talks about the joys of rehoming a HAPPA horse


December 12, 2016



HAPPA Ben’s  Borrower talks about the joys of rehoming a HAPPA horse and would like everyone to consider this option before buying.
‘After losing my old mare I decided that instead of buying a new horse I would help a rescue horse and give something back to the horse community.  I looked through the HAPPA website and was immediately taken with HAPPA Ben.  His story really touched me and I felt like I really wanted to make a difference to this horse and give him the Forever Home he so desperately deserved.
I contacted HAPPA and arranged to go and see Ben the following week.  I was amazed and impressed at HAPPA`s Rescue Centre and the incredible work they do for these horses and ponies in their care.  Even if you are not looking to adopt a horse it is worth visiting the lovely café where the emphasis is on locally sourced food, all freshly prepared in their kitchen for you to enjoy!
I was introduced to Ben and given time to spend grooming him and getting to know his cheeky character, he worked his charm on me and I agreed immediately to take him. I  was impressed with both the straight forward process and level of care shown by HAPPA from home visits to having an assigned member of Staff for each rescue horse.
Since I fostered HAPPA Ben he has progressed in leaps and bounds, he gets on with everyone both human and animal alike and never shows any kind of aggression or upset.  He absolutely loves attention (almost as much as his food!) and will stand for hours to be groomed.  He is superb with the Blacksmith and now is no longer in need of remedial shoeing.  HAPPA Ben has developed into a truly wonderful character despite the trauma he experienced at such a young and impressionable age.  I could burst with pride when I think of how far he has come and the strength of his character – we are a true team.
I cannot recommend fostering or adopting a rescue horse highly enough, helping a horse develop his full potential both physically and mentally is such a rewarding experience, you really feel like you have made a difference’.
If you would like to foster or borrow one our HAPPA horses or ponies please visit us at- and fill in the application form today.