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Here at HAPPA we are celebrating equines that have found their Second Chance in a Forever Home.


September 9, 2016



So far this year we have placed 31 equines in private homes, where they can thrive on a one to one basis.
At Shores Hey Farm we have a variety of equines that currently call the Centre home, some are part way through their rehabilitation and others are ready to be matched with their Forever Home.
Here are a few success stories of those rehomed:-
HAPPA Ben came in with another horse, HAPPA Jerry. They came in after an Equine Inspector’s investigation having been signed into our care. Ben was particularly underweight and they both were covered in lice. Since being at the Centre Ben has found a placement in a Foster Home, he will return to the Centre next year for backing.  Jerry is still looking for his Forever Home!
HAPPA Comet, Cracker and Neve came in as part of HAPPA’s largest ever rescue at the end of 2014. All three of these equines had obstacles to overcome.  Comet found himself a Foster Home and came back to the Centre this year to be backed before being returned to his Borrower. Neve settled at the Centre and came into work, within a few months she found her Forever Home with another one of our horses HAPPA Smokey, they are spoilt rotten and adored by the children.
Cracker had a little bit more of a rocky road,  after he was castrated he was found to have grade 4 gastric ulcers. After treatment he was started back on track to be backed, unfortunately front limb lameness due to poor conformation meant he was unfit to complete this process. He found his Forever Home with one of our long standing Borrowers to help keep her other horses company.
HAPPA Doris Day was born at the Centre after her mother HAPPA Vera Lynn was rescued with 4 other horses. Vera Lynn had a cancerous tumour in her eye, the heartbreaking decision was made not operate when Doris was just four weeks old in case we lost her. As Doris got older, Vera’s eye got worse and unfortunately Vera was euthanised on veterinary advice, Doris found new friends with HAPPA Seren and Eclipse and has now found her Foster Home with another HAPPA pony, Destiny.
HAPPA Alex and Dan came into the Centre through a Cross Agency Agreement having been found in the basement of a building. Since being at the Centre they have both undertaken the backing process. Alex unfortunately wasn’t successful due to hind limb lameness, he has now found a home keeping two mares company. Dan however has completed the process and has found a home as a lead rein pony with three small children!
If you are looking for that perfect equine friendship then a HAPPA equine could be for you. We have many equines that would suit riders looking to take part in a range of activities, companions for your own equine, in-hand showing ponies and youngsters looking for foster homes.
Rehoming a rescue equine can be very rewarding and can help provide more space at the Centre to ensure that we can continue our work.
If you are interested in any of the equines at the Centre then you can email [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]uk> or follow the link at and fill in an online application form.