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Second Chance Sponsorship Scheme


August 5, 2018



These are new equines to the Scheme, if you are interested in sponsoring a HAPPA horse or pony, please visit
Welcoming New Equines to the Scheme
HAPPA Pepe –
HAPPA Pepe is well known at the Centre, not just for being one of the oldest on site, but he also one of the most cool and calm equines on site. He gets to attend the Children’s Birthday Parties hosted at the Farm enabled children to learn how to approach and groom a pony..
HAPPA Sparkle –
HAPPA Sparkle came to the Centre after being abadnoned, she has become a yard favourite with both her stunning looks and the fact she can transform into a unicorn!
HAPPA Jet was very overweight when he came into the Centre, we had to be strict and help him get down to a healthy weight, to go alongside his stunning looks. Jet is a yard favourite and loves the attention received from visitors to the yard and can always be seen looking for a fuss!
HAPPA Flynn –
HAPPA Flynn is best buddies with HAPPA Yeehaa, as well as stable neighbours they also love going out on hacks together. HAPPA Flynn use to be a race horse, with his stunning looks he’s definitely a winner to us here at HAPPA.
HAPPA Yeehaa –
HAPPA Yeehaa, one of our Thoroughbreds, has made it onto the Sponsorship Scheme through request of visitors. Yeehaa was recently joined on the Scheme by HAPPA Flynn. We hope he can race into people’s hearts whilst on the Sponsorship Scheme.
HAPPA Truffle –
HAPPA Truffle, the Centre’s cutest resident, joins the Scheme. HAPPA Truffle was born at the Centre to HAPPA Toffee, she can normally be found fast asleep in her stable or running around in the fields with all her friends.
HAPPA Dennis –
HAPPA Dennis, well known for his grumpy looks and his rock star fringe, loves a good fuss and  running around the fields chasing all his friends. He then returns to his stable where he sleeps and dreams about running around in the fields (just watch his legs twitch!)
HAPPA Mikey –
HAPPA Mikey came into the Centre alongside his best pal, HAPPA Griffin. Mikey loves his food so much that the staff here at HAPPA have to make sure his weight is well controlled. Mikey has started to be worked under saddle, which is great progression and we can’t wait to see him when he hopefully becomes a rideable.