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HAPPA Wotsit & Friends Update


March 14, 2022



You may have read that HAPPA took part in a multi-agency rescue of over 40 Welsh Mountain Ponies and that some were taken to HAPPA for Rehabilitation and the Second Chance to have a happy home.

We named our Rescue horses after some of the Team’s favourite crisps (we must have done this before lunch…) and thought we would give you an update on their progress…


HAPPA Skip has been weaned and is enjoying getting used to being bathed and pampered. She is enjoying playing out with the other two yearlings, HAPPA Dorito and Buddy.

She is still a little nervous and unsure of things but growing in confidence. She is now available on the Temporary Foster Care Scheme and you can see all the details here.

HAPPA Dorito

HAPPA Dorito has recently been gelded. He is a sweet boy who also loves being bathed and pampered. Everyday his confidence grows and he will now approach the public to say hello when they are at his stable door.

He enjoys playing out with HAPPA Buddy and Skip, but prefers Skip as she is more his size. Dorito is also now looking for a Temporary Foster Care Home.

HAPPA Wotsit

HAPPA Wotsit (AKA Little Wotsit) has settled into life at the Farm very well. He has enjoyed his first bath and loves being brushed.

Wotsit has also made a BFF with HAPPA Frosty and enjoys playing with him in the Crew Barn. Wotsit will be assessed for his suitability for ridden work after being given a bit more time to settle in.


HAPPA McCoy has settled in well, getting used to being handled on a daily basis. He wasn’t keen on having his feet picked out (who is??) and needed a lot of time spent with him, but he is now happy having his feet picked out daily and is improving with the Farrier. McCoy will be up for rehoming shortly.

HAPPA Pom-Bear And…..HAPPAMini Cheddar

One of the feel-good stories of the year (and let’s face it, we need some feel-good stories right now!) HAPPA Pom-Bear has settled in at HAPPA nicely and has also had her foal, the incredibly cute, Mini Cheddar.

Pom-Bear has been a fantastic mum and has been very protective of Mini Cheddar. Before having Mini Cheddar she did manage to have a bath and a clean-up. Pom-Bear is not keen on having her feet picked out but has improved.

Mini Cheddar is doing well, growing daily and becoming quite a character. Pom-Bear will be up for rehoming as a companion after Mini Cheddar has been weaned in the summer.

HAPPA Pringle

HAPPA Pringle was the most nervous and completely feral when she arrived at HAPPA. She is now happy with being handled every day and able to go out in our Crew Barn.

Pringle can be groomed on her neck and shoulders and is progressing slowly. She still has a long way to go, but we are very proud of her progress so far.

Thank You From HAPPA

Here at HAPPA, we couldn’t Rescue and Rehabilitate horses without the donations from our Supporters and we are eternally grateful for their support, especially having gone through a troublesome couple of years due to the pandemic.

If you do want to see what we do and even make a contribution, you can take a look at our website and if you have any questions then please do get in touch with us, we will be more than happy to help.