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2021 Awards


December 13, 2021



The HAPPA Team, and a number of HAPPA supporters and families who provide Second-Chance Homes recently gathered for the annual Awards Ceremony which pays tribute to those who go that extra mile for the Charity or a rescued equine, and by the end of the ceremony there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

One trait that all of our supporters share is that they are so incredibly humble. They share the same passion and devotion to helping Rehabilitate and Rehome horses and ponies , which is deep at the heart of everyone who supports us.

With a splendid buffet from our Cafe, we took our seats to listen to the nominees and winners of the two awards:

The Admiral Memorial Trophy

This trophy was purchased in 1978 for HAPPA to be awarded to people who go that extra mile for HAPPA by a long term supporter Dr Joy Faulkner in memory of her horse, Admiral.

The nominees and winner:

Suzanne Green Veterinary Surgeon

Suzanne is an invaluable point of expert advice. She is extremely knowledgeable and helpful, always available to advise or attend if required. Her knowledge of prosecution cases is excellent and she is happy to educate and help.

John Pilling

For the devotion given to getting site ready for opening, and continued maintenance support from painting to power-washing.

Andy Lucas

For the devotion given to getting site ready for opening, and for offering help at our Christmas Events this year.

Elizabeth Backhouse

Elizabeth has been making crochet blankets then selling them on eBay to raise funds to buy gifts for the horses at HAPPA off the Amazon Wish List. Her purchases include head collars, rugs, baby oil, sun cream and many more items. Her hard work is truly admirable.

Anne Weir

For the support she gives to HAPPA and the loving home she gives HAPPA Lulu.

Morag Pallet WINNER

For all the work she does to obtain unused horse equipment from generous donators then collects and delivers numerous, full, horsebox loads to HAPPA.

The Mona Huskie Award

This Award was purchased by, the late, HAPPA Chairman Ken Cranage to be awarded to those who go that extra mile by rehoming a rescue horse.

The nominees and winner:

Shelly Rhyman

Shelly came to Centre and asked for the oldest hardest to rehome pony. She gave HAPPA Stardust the best home, full of love and excellent care.

She now has HAPPA Sol. He arrived with her just short of a month after being castrated and was definitely still a stallion in his mind. He caused a bit of a fuss and Shelly’s husband had to make him a new stable door to stop him jumping out. With a lot of work, tenacity and determination Shelly has now got a pony who is settled, happy and very much loved. He now ties up, stands politely for the farrier and enjoys a groom. Shelly has stuck with him and her hard work and understanding of Sol is great to see.

Beryl Heward

Beryl has had our horses and ponies for over 30 years. She has been a staunch supporter and has given them the best home, currently home to HAPPA Owen.

Elaine McCallion

Elaine never gave up on HAPPA Barbara no matter what. We met HAPPA Barbara on the 6th of April 2018, after I discovered HAPPA online. This was supposed to just be a family day out for Elaine’s birthday. However, upon meeting and reading the stories about the equines at HAPPA, we stumbled across HAPPA Barbara. Elaine was taken with Barbara and her story, as were we. After spending some time with Barbara, Elaine went and spoke to the HAPPA team about sponsoring her and ended up applying to offer Barbara a Foster home, once she discovered the Foster scheme. This year, in April, my sister was checking the HAPPA website for any updates about Barbara and saw that she was looking for her Forever Home, as a companion only.

Elaine didn’t give up hope when everyone else had, and I think that is amazing, and worthy of a nomination for this special recognition award.

Gemma Bond

Home to HAPPA Maggie and HAPPA Swift both these horses had troubled starts. Maggie had eye problems, was nervous and couldn’t be broken. HAPPA Swift was feral and took a lot of work to get her to a rehomeable stage, this lady took not one, but two difficult horses and they have been in her care now for several years and they have an amazing home.

Carly Downs

In memory of HAPPA Daisy who is sadly no longer with us: Carly looked after Daisy for 20 years, Daisy was 29 years old when she passed over the Rainbow Bridge. She had a wonderful life with Carly. Carly’s care of Daisy never waned. She was very much loved and Carly’s dedication to her was remarkable. Daisy certainly landed on her hooves when she found Carly.

Maureen Charles WINNER

For the dedication and love provided to the much missed HAPPA Babycham, thank you Maureen for giving her the very best Forever Home and for your continued support to HAPPA.

Sleep Out 21

There were also special certificates for the HAPPA team members who took part in #SleepOut21. In a joint venture with Lancashire Age UK participants had to sleep outside for whole night in the grounds of Clitheroe Football Club.

The team raised over £795 and we are proud of their fantastic dedication to HAPPA.

Many thanks to all of those who attended and we look forward to seeing you all next year. If you or anyone you know would be interested in volunteering for HAPPA then please contact us or you can find more information here.