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Foals, Foals, Everywhere!


May 16, 2017



If you haven’t been to Shores Hey Farm recently then you may not have had the chance to see the four beautiful and adorable foals that were born between March and the beginning of May. These delightful newborns have become firm favourites amongst staff, volunteers and visitors, and although their mums are very protective of them they may allow you to get a peep over the stable door when you next visit.
Many of you will know HAPPA Pumpkin, rescued last year, who also features on the Second Chance Sponsorship, has given birth to an adorable Shetland Colt who has been named HAPPA Pie.
HAPPA Bunny came to the Centre in March. She was transferred from another welfare agency so that HAPPA could monitor her impending birth and allow the foal to have the company of other foals due at Shores Hey Farm. She gave birth to a beautiful filly foal in April to HAPPA Blueberry.
HAPPA Mary had been keeping a secret too. She came to the Centre last year with her foal HAPPA Miracle. Staff noticed a change in Mary’s behaviour and couldn’t quite put their finger on it. So a call to the Veterinary Surgeon was made. Following tests and assessment, the Vet announced that Mary would be due a foal with an estimated delivery date or around May. On the 2nd May Mary went into labour and HAPPA Mai was born.
Finally HAPPA Toffee, who came to the Centre early this year, gave birth to her foal HAPPA Truffle last Thursday (11th).
We are pleased to report that all foals are healthy and growing strong every day. We do hope that you will be able to come and visit our new youngsters soon.
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