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HAPPA is now a BHS approved Centre


May 8, 2017



HAPPA are proud to announce that we have been awarded the highest level of acceptance with a Highly Commended Approval for the Centre by the BHS (British Horse Society).
The BHS has approved Centres where you can compete, stable your horse and receive training for the exams that they provide. The BHS currently have more than 800 Approved Centres in the UK and Worldwide. When a Centre has been BHS approved it can assure customers and clients that they are meeting high standards of Safety, Equine Welfare and Tuition (although not all Centres may provide the tuition).
After our inspection in early February, where the Centre was checked for a number of things including: Equine Welfare, Stabling, Working Procedures and Facilities we were looking forward to finding out if we have been approved by the BHS.
Upon approval, we were even more excited to receive an approval plaque and is now displayed on the Indoor Arena.
Here at HAPPA we strive to provide the best care for the equines in our care. We keep accurate records and work closely with our vet, farrier, physiotherapist and our nutritionist. This enables us to produce high quality equines that are ready to be rehomed through our various schemes at the Centre knowing that they will have a firm and fair start at a new life out at their home providing them with their Second Chance.
Laura Brown, Equine Development Officer says of the award “To be recognised by a worldwide charity, such as the BHS, for the work that we do is integral to our development and presence in the equine industry. Working with other associations allows for us to share knowledge and best practice and recognise each other’s contributions to equine welfare. We are always looking at ways to develop relationships with equestrian bodies and are looking forward to the way this relationship develops now and in the future.”