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November 8, 2017



A lot of what we do here on the yard focuses on our key objectives which are Rescue, Rehabilitation and Rehome equines. But this isn`t all we do.  In order to prevent horses, ponies and donkeys from finding themselves in situations of abandonment, abuse or neglect we offer plenty of educational opportunities throughout the year.
We appreciate that not everyone will have the opportunity to attend these workshops, conferences or “How to” sessions so we have started to put together the HAPPA NO NONSENSE fact sheets.
These fact sheets have been designed to give “no-nonsense” advice and guidance on different topics related to equine welfare and the fact sheets will be constantly updated and expanded to create a great free equine welfare fact file for everyone.
If you are looking to expand your knowledge for some great equine welfare advice or just love to digest good information these guides will be just the thing.
Keep up to date by checking Facebook or the HAPPA news feeds for new guides as they are published.  We will publish new sheets throughout the year with the focus on welfare issues and equine handling advice relevant at the time.
Why not download some of the fact sheets now?
No Nonsense Atypical Myopathy
Fireworks and Equine Care
Laminitis page 1
Laminitis page 2
Laminitis page 3