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#PoundforPie Campaign


May 19, 2017



As The Royal Mint launch #Poundforpound, we ask, why not support one of HAPPA’s newest foals in our #PoundforPie Campaign?
On 28th March 2017 HAPPA Pie was born, this was also the date that the new twelve sided pound coin went into circulation.
From the 15th October the old style round pound coin will no longer be accepted as legal tender, though your bank may exchange them for the newer coins after this date.
Did you know that there is estimated to be millions of pounds stored in piggy banks and saving jars in homes across the country?
HAPPA relies on public donations to continue its vital work, including rescuing HAPPA Pumpkin and ensuring the safe arrival and care of her foal, HAPPA Pie.
Every week the Charity needs to raise £19,000 to continue to rescue horses, ponies and donkeys from cruelty and neglect.
So why not donate those old pound coins hiding down the back of the sofa, or in the savings jar, and help HAPPA Pie?
Your contribution will make a difference to the lives of the animals who rely on HAPPA. HAPPA Pie would not have survived without round-the-clock monitoring in the safety of Shores Hey Farm and the professional care offered by the HAPPA Equine Team.
As Pie continues to grow, donations from YOU will help him grow healthy and strong. Any funds raised will help pay for his veterinary and farrier fees, specialist foal feed and castration. He will then be looking to be matched with a Forever Home.
So donate your £1’s to HAPPA Pie in our #PoundforPie campaign!
Bring your £1’s to Shores Hey Farm, alternatively hand your unwanted £1’s into the bank and call HAPPA with a donation on 01282 455992